Alexandre Joseph

Hello, I am Alexandre Joseph,
a freelance software engineer and passionate maker

I am a Python expert, experienced in high traffic web applications and APIs development. I also build clean web interfaces using JavaScript and CSS.

I love learning new things, understand how they work, hack it, improve it and share it. I care intensely about quality, testing and little details.

In my past experiences I have among other worked on low-latency APIs, tried to advance research in bioinformatics, was a core developer of a major open-source project and helped build the beta product that allowed a startup to raise 500k in just 6 months.
For more information, you can read my full resume and take a look to my projects.

All my open-source projects can be found on my GitHub profile, I also try to write about what I do and sometimes speak in the largest python user group in France that I co-founded.

I am also interested by the maker culture, vernacular architecture and ecology.

Feel free to contact me for your project, I would be happy to provide my services.