Here is a list of tools, libraries and applications I have developed over the years. The goal of all this projects was either to try a new technology, understand a concept more deeply and more often to cover a need.

Simple and lightweight email obfuscator library for modern browsers.
Jekyll layout that allow you to include a Swagger API documentation directly in a page (works with github pages).
Run in the Box
Open-source API that automates deployment of any applications as a group of lightweight, portable, self-sufficient components (Docker container) that will run virtually anywhere. Nowadays Docker Compose and Docker Machine includes this features.
Super Sudoku Solver
Blazing fast sudoku solver with a nice graphical interface (solves a 25*25 diabolically hard grid in 18ms).
Maximum flow computation using Ford-Fulkerson method with graph plot.
Command line based trash manager: remove, restore and list trashed files (with name collision protection).
CPython extension providing Python binding for cracklib library.
Ethernet Medium Access Control simulator in JavaScript. It implement a subset of CSMA/CD features. Include a nice dashboard to follow frames.
Build git hosted reStructuredText documents (articles, reports and slides) into gorgeous PDF (LaTeX).
RBX Origin
SaaS plateform prototype to run application in the cloud with a user friendly interface. Prototype developed to explore possibilities in reproducible research.
Mercurial extension to store and retrieve metadata on files of a repository.
My own implementation of the bomberman game. Include a map editor and a network version.
Small desktop app to generate an inventory of raw materials from CSV files.
Yet another cookbook application with automatic cooking instructions.
Advanced post office CMS for automated product delivery.
Yet another zero knowledge (client-side AES) snippets sharing application.
student union website
Website I built when I was technical manager of my engineering school. Use Google APIs to retrieve news, display wall of pictures or videos. Also integrate a full JS pacman game and a remote printing service.
Useless school management app just to play with Java, SWING and client-server architecture.